Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tech I love – BE Broadband competition

So I normally post blogs about plants and don't normally write very much, but I wanted to give the competition by Be Broadband to write a blog about technology I love a go. It also means I might write a bit more for once instead of just posting photographs of aphids!

The technology which I love the most would have to be film cameras. Specifically my Pentax K100. This is probably the most robust camera I have ever owned and seems intent on surviving no matter how accident prone I seem to be.

The ability to capture an image with this small item and then to be able to reproduce it in prints amazes me every time. I love cameras so much because they allow me to photograph and record a certain point in time which I want to conserve and without a camera would be soon forgotten. (Especially by me since I have the memory of a fish!)

Film cameras are not the newest type of image capture device but for me they capture light in a unique way and developing and processing my own films makes it much more special. Film can lead to strange and unique mistakes and seeing the image develop before you is always amazing. It is also completely personal when you are photographing, processing and developing yourself and I feel totally involved in every part of the technology. I understand this technology more than any other and that is one of the reasons that I love it more than others.

Here's an infrared film photograph to finish this blog post! :)


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