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Day 143

The last spam/robot love poems I have.

proclaiming their failure their weaknesses one. mind what held you from telling.
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ria buried her face in her.

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基in another sumerian mythit may be.

useless to hold out youll get. 綎

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 the com quietly urgentlyit was not.


塻 溧

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Computer Love Poems

too old to run about the.

  • FW: YoeuCanDcrilvlHerWoell! a spray of enemy fire splashed‏


     happening on the inner frontier or.


      that time of springand people were.



    • RE: WeCanS olveA ll OfY ourS exua lProbl ems.V iag raPro. ages agotwo or three weeksago nobody‏


        me another slug of that mud.

Day 136

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Spam spam spam.

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 the signing of the charter that.


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was the question wasnt it she.

to do but brian olson did.

in a cult and grind off





RE: Th isIn f orma tion CanB eOfGre atUseI fYouS uf ferFro mDe pre s sion ! gems he smiled and clapped his‏

 being towed to a mere floating.
he stood and studied his two.

revolution in perquaine oh i almost






FW: Start Break in gR ecor dsWit hS oftC ialis . wicker and fancy pillows beneath a‏

 bodies of water from the absence.

burned torches ofpitch and grass behind.
you spock looked as if hed.



 too old to run about the.

Day 125


 Today was going pretty well.

Then my hands forgot how to be hands.

Thanks guys. (._.)

Day 124

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