Sunday, 28 February 2010

Not a Photo a Day Post. Videotapes.

I'm going to start trying to use this blog for other posts. So I'll still do the one photograph a day thing, but I'll use it for anything else I need to remember too. Worried about going senile and forgetting everything, I already have slight trouble with remembering what actually happened and often get confused with things I've dreamed about and think they actually happened. Or things that actually happened I sometimes think I dreamed about/imagined. They get a bit mixed up, so hopefully the more I document the easier it will be to remember properly.

I used to stay up late watching music video channels and recording them onto video tapes. Not sure if the video tapes exist anymore but this was probably one of the videos on one of the tapes.

And the artwork from the album Coral Fang is my favourite album artwork. I feel a bit sad that I can't remember the last time I bought an album.

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